Crowd-sourced song

May 14, 2013 § 5 Comments

So, last week, I wrote a song. And today I polished it a little, typed out all the lyrics, and recorded it, with my one-strum guitar playing, onto my computer, just so I can remember how it goes.

It’s the first song I’ve written in about 14 years, since my dear friend and musical mentor, Neville de Klerk, died of cancer. One of the last songs I wrote before this one was the song I sang at his funeral, and something inside of me just couldn’t write anymore after that.

So I’m delighted by this one – I even like it, which is unusual. It makes me smile as I sing it, and I think with a better singer (and guitar player) it might make you smile too. What I like most about it, is that to some extent, the lyrics are crowd-sourced. I started writing it, and I was playing with words; trying to use the kinds of words you don’t often find in songs because they’re longer and have many syllables, and can be difficult to find rhymes for. I chose words that ended in the suffix “-ated” and asked my Twitter friends to help me come up with a few more. They did a great job, and here, then, is the result.  Please pardon the alternative title – that’s just how I think of it.

And no, I’m not singing it for you. You’ll have to content yourself with the lyrics.


So you say that it’s complicated

That our love is overrated

And nothing ever came from standing still

It’s not what you had anticipated

Loving me leaves you suffocated

For too long you’ve been here against your will


Well then go – please don’t feel obligated

Truth be told, that leaves me quite elated

It’s time for me to spread my wings and fly

Yes, I said go, life goes on unabated

I don’t need you to feel appreciated

The time has come it seems to say good-bye

Don’t you know I’m opinionated

I’m not a girl to be dominated

I’ve always been inclined to speak my mind

You tried to make me domesticated

Don’t you see that’s just antiquated

I’ve put up with a lot, I think you’ll find



But when you’re gone I’ll be liberated

All my cares will be eradicated

There were days, I overcompensated

Time to say good-bye


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