A sad farewell

December 6, 2013 Comments Off on A sad farewell

It seems apt to run this again. After months of a media circus, Nelson Mandela died at home last night. RIP, Madiba. “Flights of angels sing thee to thy rest.”


I like to tell my family that I met Nelson Mandela once, and he said he was pleased to see me. And while that’s not untrue, it’s not the whole truth. Yes, he shook my hand, and said he was pleased to see me, but he did the same for all the other people who attended the launch of the Illustrated Long Walk to Freedom. I still have my copy and I cherish the tears in the loose cover, gained in the scuffle to touch the edge of his cloak.

And now, all these years later, he lies, frail, and probably at death’s door while the world waits to see if this will be the final hospital visit he makes.

There’s a lot been said about him out there in the past while, some of it negative, much of it laced with sadness at what is almost the end of…

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