Mother’s Day musings

May 11, 2014 § 2 Comments

It’s almost the end of another Mother’s Day here, and I’ve spent most of it feeling incredibly blessed by the children I’m privileged to raise.

Mother’s Day is always a bittersweet time for me; my own mother died when I was 16, so inevitably my thoughts turn to her and there’s still a bit of a pang, even after all these years.

But spare a thought today for those whose Mother’s Day isn’t some picture-perfect chocolate-box, Hallmark-ordained day.

Those who’ve recently lost a mother, or the mothers who’ve lost a child. Those who are estranged from their mothers, or whose mothers lie desperately ill in hospital. Those who long to have a child, but cannot, for reasons beyond their control. Those whose children are missing, or terminally ill, or lost to addiction. Those who sit in the threadbare chairs of the old age home, twisting gnarled hands in their laps, hoping desperately that this year, their children will pop in for a visit or pick up the phone and call.

I know what it’s like to lose a mother. The loss of that bond leaves a wound that closes slowly, and when it finally closes, the scar is always there, even if it fades with time.

So tread carefully if your Mother’s Day is a happy one. There’s no need to be in sackcloth and ashes, of course, but be sensitive. Remember that others might be finding it painful, and might need some extra love or affection.

Reach out to them. Put a hand on their shoulder, hug them tight and close. Wipe away the tears that well in their eyes. And understand that being – and having – a mother is a privilege and a blessing to be cherished.

Happy Mother’s Day.


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