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I am enough.

I don’t need to be perfect. I don’t need to be the best at everything. I only have to be perfectly me.

That’s all. That’s enough.

Because no-one else is exactly like me. No-one else knows how to be me. I am a complex mixture of traits, in a unique combination of weakness and strength.

I have a mind of my own. I think deeply; I think broadly, I think fast. I am intelligent and creative. I’m witty. I’m sharp.

I laugh often and easily, and my smile is wide. But sometimes, I cry.

My heart is soft, and it bruises easily and often. But I’m also strong. I’m resilient. I can weather many storms.

I love fiercely and with wild abandon. I will go to the ends of the earth for the people I love. I’m gentle and compassionate and kind. I am a soft place to land.

But I’m no pushover. Not any more. I have limits; I have boundaries, and you cross them at your peril. I will not be pushed around or walked over.

I’m an imperfect mother, but my children are everything to me. They take my breath away — every single day. Harm them and you will awaken a beast.

I never planned to be a writer. Writing found me, and in writing I found myself. I found my voice. Words delight me, and I find them endlessly fascinating. I love to craft them into stories, into songs.

I love language: I love the way we change it and it changes us. I love its endless combinations and convolutions and connotations. I love its rhythm. I love its soul.

I love to talk, and I love to listen. I hate small talk, but I love conversation: its ebb and flow, its give and take.

I love to sing. I am always singing – on the street, in the supermarket, in the car, in my head. Music heals me. It soothes and restores me, and sends me on my way consumed with energy, creativity, with pure, unadulterated joy.

And I love my friends, old and new, who accept me just as I am, perfectly imperfect. They welcome me daily without judgement, without expectation, without conditions. Friends who have taught me in ways big and small, that’s it’s okay to just be myself.

Because I am enough.



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