Let it go

February 11, 2015 § 7 Comments

I should be blogging now. It’s Wednesday, after all, and Wednesday is blogging day.

But it’s just after 9pm and we’re having a heatwave. I got home late, and last night I slept so badly I could’ve sworn it was full moon.

So I’m letting myself off the hook. In the past couple of weeks, no matter which way I’ve turned, I’ve got the same message: “Let it go.” And these have not been subtle hints – those exact words have been uttered by doctors, therapists and friends. It’s like there’s a cosmic conspiracy: this the message I need to hear. This is the lesson I must learn.

I’m a perfectionist control freak people pleaser, so letting go just isn’t in my make-up. It’s a hard lesson to learn.

So I’m not going to feel guilty for missing a blog. I’m going to bed and I’m not going to blog tonight.


* PS. Apologies for the earworm.


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