Nothing like that smile!

March 11, 2015 § 3 Comments

I need to take issue with Cher for a moment. Because she’s quite wrong – it’s not the kiss that’s important, it’s the smile. Have you ever watched a teenager texting their latest crush? Do you remember how your first love made you feel? Do you feel the corners of your mouth lifting as you remember? That’s the smile I mean.

There’s nothing that compares with watching someone’s face light up at the sight – or even the thought – of the person they’ve fallen for, the one who’s completely colonised their heart. There’s nothing like seeing someone’s face relax into a smile when you walk into a room. There’s nothing like the way every cell in your body seems to smile for just one person, that person, your very best beloved.

I was at a wedding recently where the air was thick with love. It was a beautiful wedding by all of the external factors we use to judge these things – the venue and the decor were exquisite, the drinks were cold, the guests in their finery. But its beauty lay not in the theme or the colour scheme, or even the dream that finally came true.

Its beauty lay in those smiles – the love light on their faces reserved only for each other – and the promise that they would always smile at each other that way.

And in the pews, each guest at that wedding smiled with them through a mist of tears, in recognition of that need in each of us.

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§ 3 Responses to Nothing like that smile!

  • Rami Ledwaba says:

    I am smiling as I read this, emotions running through me and tears of joy streaming down my face, because I know exactly what you are talking about. When my phone rings, my 5 year old just looks at my face and the answer is written all over my face, more especially my smile, he will go, “It’s Scott”, and he will smile right back at me.

    We have both fallen in love with Scott, it’s amazing feeling, and the very same Scott has fallen in love with us.

    The wedding you attended is the only type of wedding I would want to attend, where we all share smiles, genuine smile of pure love and joy

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  • Dave says:

    That smile is the one I aim for, the one I hope for…until then, we’re faking it until we make it!


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