And another thing, CEOs…

July 29, 2016 § 5 Comments

A bit of a postscript to my previous blog…

Again, the event raises an extraordinary amount of money for charity – I’m not disputing that.

But I think what the CEO Sleepout really needs is for a gutsy CEO (or even a group of them) to stand up and say, “Actually, this is not okay.” This should be about the cause(s), not the event itself.

And then they could use their considerable influence to raise similar amounts of money for similar causes from their peers, in ways that don’t resort to caricaturing and diminishing the lives of the poor.

That’s something I could really get behind. That would be charity with integrity.



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  • My question is then what about all the other fund raising events (tax deductible of course) golf days, charity balls, high teas, auctions, going to work in slippers (probably designer ones) etc. If everyone was paid a living wage and there was not such a huge gap between top management and the lowly workers we would not have to have any of these events. I don’t see what the big fuss is about this event.


  • Dominique says:

    Standing applause Mandy. (Previous blog too) I work with many NGO’s who are doing this on a daily basis, whilst trying to do circus tricks for funders just to keep their work afloat.

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  • Jeremy Farrell says:

    For those thinking Mandy and other echoes are being holier-than-thou, or stick-in-the-mud, I think the sting would be taken out of most of this if the CEO’s just knuckled down and had a cold night in the street – dress the same, and maybe go hungry. That’s not actually a big ask, would generate much more goodwill AND money AND awareness.

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